1. ‘It’s Exactly About Controlling Guys Exercising Dominance’

1. ‘It’s Exactly About Controlling Guys Exercising Dominance’

The truth is that a lot of people are very quick to assume that men are always in control whether we’re talking about BDSM, age-play, or fat fetishism. The theory that a lady could determine being a fetishist – let alone as being a principal fetishist – nevertheless appears shocking or taboo.

To assume that women’s sexualities and fetishes are not quite as diverse, wild, and unique as those of the male counterparts seems misogynistic and antiquated if you ask me. Similarly, to assume that a person or masculine specific should always be engaged in a female or feminine person’s sexuality to begin with is similarly problematic.

Into the global realm of fat fetishism, females (of most sizes) can assume any part they therefore choose. They may be the chasers that are chubbyor fat admirers), innately preferring being with fat people than slim people, irrespective of their particular size. They could be the feeders (delighting in assisting a partner maintain or put on weight them both on) because it turns. They could be the feedees or gainers (delighting in gaining fat, whether having a partner or separately, since they feel sexiest & most satisfied in a fatter human human body). Or they may be fat ladies who just love boning those people who are past turned in by their every wobbly bit.

In reality, following the Channel 4 documentary My Big Fat Fetish came down in 2012, vocal gainer model filling Kit took to her platforms to help make one thing specific. The documentary had recommended that her then-boyfriend exercised control that is total of meals and fat gain. The facts, she stated, is the fact that she is told by no one how to handle it.

Like Kit, there are numerous ladies and feminine people within fat fetishism who reign over their particular sexualities – no male puppeteer needed.

2. ‘All Fat Fetishists Want You to get More Weight’

Feedism (a relationship that typically comprises of a feeder/feedee duet) is perhaps the part of fat fetishism most criticized in feminist and the body circles that are positive plus it’s not so difficult to understand why. Continue reading “1. ‘It’s Exactly About Controlling Guys Exercising Dominance’”