Strain Review: Eran Almog

Strain Review: Eran Almog

Friday, 5:07 pm. I slip down and from the dinosaur that is metaphoric and jump into my type of Fred Flintstone’s automobile. My mind still cluttered through the That was, I barely notice my commute home and end up in the garage week magically.

The threshold is crossed by me of castle, fall my keys within the dish (no, I’m not headed up to a 70s key celebration, we keep our keys in a bowl, okay?), start up my Vans, kiss my wife, after which it is heard by me.

My bong is calling me personally.

Oh there’s no tune that is actual vocals, but I am able to ensure you, Pipi Bongstocking talks in my experience on numerous levels.

At this time into the week, all i wish to do is melt my anxiety into a little puddle, therefore I’m going to take into consideration something which will manage my anxiety, but Also help with some relative straight back discomfort I have already been experiencing. Continue reading “Strain Review: Eran Almog”