Can semen cause odour that is vaginal intercourse?

Can semen cause odour that is vaginal intercourse?

A poster to at least one of our forums, ashley73242, composed about her issues of a unusual odour that is vaginal her male partner ejaculated inside her while having sex. She additionally felt the semen would continue steadily to leak out of her vagina for a week and ended up being worried the length had been leading to the scent.

just exactly How should a vagina odor?

To greatly help answer ashley73242’s question, it really is firstly crucial to know what exactly is a ‘normal’ scent for the vagina. a vagina that is healthy never ever odour-free. It really is totally normal for the vagina to possess a normal fragrance that is specific for you.

How you get my boyfriend’s cum to smell so very bad inside of me personally? Often i’m enjoy it rots in there then leaks away. It smells so incredibly bad!!

— ashley73242, Rotten odor after male ejaculation inside of my vagina

Your vagina is very very carefully balanced ecosystem and certainly will be host to normally a community of ‘good’ bacteria. Continue reading “Can semen cause odour that is vaginal intercourse?”